¡Oferta! Corel Digital Creative Suite 2.0 Software Kit Elite Edition Windows DVD

Corel Digital Creative Suite 2.0 Software Kit Elite Edition Windows DVD


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dvd SOlo para windows 8 y windows 10. NO PARA MAC

Corel Digital Creative Suite 2.0 Software Kit Elite Edition Incluye: 
• Corel PaintShop Pro X9 
• Corel VideoStudio 9 
• Corel AfterShot 2 Pro 
• AutoFx Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 
• FileCenter Professional 

PaintShop Pro X9 - All-in-one photo editor 
Discover your true creative potential with Corel PaintShop Pro X9, easier, faster, more-creative-than-ever photo editing software. Complete photo and design projects sooner with simpler, more responsive image editing features, new project templates, gradient tools and Text Presets. Use new screenshot tools to capture your screen and communicate with clarity. At home and at work, there's only one way to get this kind of versatility, value and performance - subscription free. That's the power of PaintShop Pro. 

Comprehensive photo & picture editing software 

Powerful picture editing software - Create your best photo ever. Use one-click adjustments for quick improvements or go deep with precise selections, layers, brushes and content-aware editing tools. 

Creative graphic design - Get everything you need for impressive web, print and photo projects. Design with text, brushes, textures, and drawing and painting tools. 

Easy quick fixes - Improve any photo with time-saving picture editing software. Crop, straighten, clone, retouch and remove red eye. 

VideoStudio 9 - Video Editing Software for All Levels of Expertise 
From movies in minutes to advanced timeline editing, VideoStudio Pro X9.5 has something for every video editor. Tell your story - your way - with the new Multi-Camera Editor, hundreds of creative effects, transitions and titles, and pro-quality audio tools all in one easy-to-use video editing software. 

Powerful Video Editing Software - Cover all the angles with the new 4 angle Multi-Camera Video Editor and get top-quality sound with automatic audio-enhancing features. 

Unlimited Creativity in Your Video Editing - Express yourself with 1,500+ customizable effects, titles and templates. Have fun with Freeze Frame, Stop Motion, multi-point Motion Tracking and more. 

Perfect for all skill levels - Make a movie or edit a video in minutes with FastFlick and Instant Projects, then move up to multi-track timeline editing to grow your skills. 

AfterShot Pro 2 - The world's Fastest RAW Converter & Photo Manager 
Say hello to the world's fastest RAW photo-editing software. Corel AfterShot Pro 2 is changing the way the world works with RAW, with 64-bit performance that's 30% faster than AfterShot Pro 1 and up to 4x faster than the competition. AfterShot Pro 2 is the best way to unlock the freedom and flexibility of shooting RAW. With unparalleled speed and power, and a sleek new interface, AfterShot Pro 2 is a RAW converter, non-destructive photo editor and complete high-speed photo manager in one. Whether you're batch processing thousands of RAW images, or making detailed adjustments to your latest prize-winning shot, AfterShot Pro 2 gives you the tools to quickly take complete control over every aspect of your photo workflow. 

30% Faster RAW Processing - Save time and get results sooner with the world's fastest RAW conversion software! Quickly load, edit and process large RAW files. Adjust one or thousands of photos with powerful batch processing controls. 

Non-destructive photo adjustment - Refine an unlimited number of photos while preserving your originals. Control exposure, temp, highlight recovery, white balance and more with extensive color accurate photo adjustments. Easily edit selected areas of a photo. 

Powerful photo workflow - Easily manage your photos and design the workflow that meets your needs. Organize and search photos by name, date, rating, tag, label, ISO, shutter speed or aperture. Compare one or several images in one view, set presets and track image history. 

Updated RAW camera profiles - This release includes 26 new camera profiles and supports RAW files from all major camera manufacturers. That adds up to support for more than 250 camera profiles overall, with updates coming throughout the year. 

64-bit power 
Get more processing power and remove memory limitations with AfterShot Pro's new 64-bit architecture. Access more memory, and get more stability and responsiveness app-wide. Building on our world famous multi-core performance, this release is 4x faster than the leading RAW processing software - delivering results sooner and saving you even more time. 

AutoFx Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 
The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 is an integrated bundle of products that work together to overcome the most common challenges encountered with many of the issues with post production digital photo enhancement. The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 includes over 100 dynamic filters, any of which can be stacked and combined together to form an unlimited number of professional photo enhancements. Apply color toning, focal effects and lighting and discover how powerful this concept is when used in a dynamic environment. 

The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 fosters creative exploration and through the use of the Layers you can control the blending and effect stacking to further define the look you're after. Each program in the suite is available under the Select AFX Effect menu. As you add them to your composition they appear on the Layer Palette letting you easily click to select them and control their blending and settings. 

FileCenter Professional - Get Organized with FileCenter 
Document Management Software FileCenter is simple, effective document management software. It makes scanning more efficient and file organization more intuitive. FileCenter also includes OCR, search, and a brandable Client Portal and even integrates with leading cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for online file access. Never lose or misplace another document when you scan, organize, find, and edit your files with FileCenter. 

Scan - Go from paper to searchable PDF in a single mouse click. Scanning important documents has never been easier ... or faster. 

Organize - Manage your files in a way that makes sense: electronic file cabinets. Organize your scans, computer files, and e-mail together. 

PDF - PDF is the standard. Make them, manipulate them, and use them in FileCenter. Our built-in editor and wizards make it a snap. 

OCR - Make scans, faxes and other documents fully searchable. Or pull the text from a paper document into Word. 

Preview - When all you need is a quick glimpse, preview the file without opening it. As fast and easy as thumbing through documents. 

Search - Find files effortlessly. Search the keywords and notes in your PDFs or the entire body of your documents. 

Share - Share cabinets on the office network or use our integrated Client Portal to share files with your clients and friends safely and securely. 

Cloud - FileCenter integrates nicely with leading cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Key Features

  • Operating System: PC/Windows
  • Version Type: Full Version Photo Editing Software
  • Delivery Method: CD/DVD
What's in the box:
  • Corel PaintShop Pro X9
  • Corel VideoStudio 9
  • Corel AfterShot 2 Pro
  • AutoFx Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2
  • FileCenter Professional